A long time ago, I copied an Inuit poem I’d read in one of my issues of "Boy’s Life" magazine and framed it. Now, fifty years later, the framed poem still sits on my desk in my office. One stanza in particular struck me when I first read it. Indeed, these few words set the course for my journey through life and they continue to inspire me to explore as much of this incredible planet as is possible in one lifetime:

And yet, there is only
One great thing,
The only thing.
To live and see in huts and on journeys
The great day that dawns,
And the light that fills the world.
Collected and translated by Knud Rasmussen - The Report of the Fifth Thule Expedition

Every Sojourns In Nature print is an expression of the spirit of this poem. Every landscape and wildlife print is the manifestation of a sublime day that dawned when I was privileged to peer into a hut as it were, to see something wonderful, and be transfixed.

Sojourns In Nature prints are portholes through which, from your living room, den, office, or clinic you can journey with me, from the abyss to the cosmos. They are windows onto the incredible light that fills our world.

All prints are 18” x 24”, superbly printed, and framed in solid oak frames, archival mats and backings, and UV-resistant glass. The prints are ready to hang with picture wire already attached to the back of the print. The archival quality of the paper and ink will assure that a Sojourns In Nature print becomes a family heirloom.

All images are of subjects photographed in the wild. No digital manipulation was used to create images that inaccurately represent what I saw when I pressed the shutter button. Most of the images in my gallery have appeared on or in leading national and international publications or calendars.

From late-May through late-October, Sojourns In Nature gallery prints are available exclusively at the following exhibits:

I recommend that, if possible, you come visit me at any of these three exhibits. (Look for the green trailer; that’s my gallery.) First, because you can only purchase a print from me personally, either by meeting me at an exhibit, or by contacting me by email or through this website. In order to provide unique and exclusive artwork to my patrons, my prints are available only from me. By visiting me at the exhibits, you walk away with your print(s).

If you’re visiting or planning to visit the northeast, consider coming to visit me at my home in Troy, VT. Browse the online gallery, choose a print or prints, let me know your coming, and your print(s) will be ready for you.

Second, while you certainly are welcome to order a print by simply emailing me and letting me know which print(s) you desire, S&H is $100 nationally, and $175 internationally. Picking up a print at the exhibit saves you considerable expense.

Third, because it’s one of the most rewarding aspects of my career, that is, to meet the people who value my work enough to keep me in the field!